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In recent decades, studies have shown that early childhood education is critical in preparing children to enter and succeed in the (grade school) classroom, diminishing their risk of social-emotional mental health problems and increasing their self-sufficiency as adults.

In other words, the child needs to be taught to rationalize everything and to be open to interpretations and critical thinking. There is no subject to be considered taboo, starting with the most basic knowledge of the world he lives in, and ending with

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Lessons thats sparks Creativity

Courses offered

We are offering four classes at Crayons castle. The children are divided into age groups according to their age in June. Playgroup,Nursery,L.K.G.,U.K.G.

Ratio/Class Size

We follows a ratio of 1 : 8 , Intentionally keep our adult to child ratio low in order that we may provide a high quality academic environment.

Field Trips

We usually take 3 times a year for the field trips with in the Warangal and we will arrange guest speakers discuss topics with the children during the preschool class time.

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06 Apr

Importance of early childhood Education

Early childhood education is a term that refers to the period of time from a child’s birth to when they enter kindergarten. It is more commonly referred to as preschool, pre-kindergarten, daycare, nursery school or simply early educationNeurological research shows …

05 Apr

Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

Most of the parents would likely expect their child has to finish his/her lunch box. However, the aim isn’t just to ensure that he/she finishes his/her tiffin, it is also to ensure that he/she eats healthy. This problem can be …

05 Apr

Indian National Immunization Schedule (Updated)

Age (completed wks/mo/y) Vaccines BCG Bacillus Calmette Guerin (BCG), Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)-0 dose, Hepatitis B birth dose 6 weeks OPV-1, Pentavalent-1, Rotavirus Vaccine (RVV)-1***, Fractional dose of Inactivated Polio Vaccine (fIPV)-1, Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) – 1*** 10 weeks …