Piggy Bank Out of a Water Bottle

Turn an ordinary item into a cute coin bank with this clever water bottle craft.

You will need:

Empty plastic beverage bottle (the wider the better), Craft knife, Scissors, Colored paper (1 sheet orange, 1 sheet blue), Pencil, Craft glue, Transparent tape, Hole punch, Paintbrush


  • Peel label off clean, empty bottle. Use craft knife to cut a 1 1/2″ x 1/8″ wide slot (for inserting coins) in bottle, about midway between top and bottom.
  • Use scissors to cut a strip of orange paper long enough to wrap around bottle and same width as bottle label. Wrap paper around bottle and use a pencil to trace over slot in bottle. Unwrap paper and cut slot with craft knife.
  • Use scissors to cut out ear and inner-ear templates. Place ear template on orange paper and trace around. Repeat for other ear. Cut out. Place inner-ear template on blue paper and trace around. Repeat. Cut out. Fold ears at tab. Position ears along edge of paper band, about 1″ to each side of slot. Tape tabs to back of paper band. Wrap band with ears around bottle, aligning slots on bottle and paper. Overlap ends of band and tape seam.
  • Trace around bottle cap on orange paper. Cut out and glue to cap. Use hole punch to make 2 blue circles. Glue to bottle cap.
  • For eyes, use hole punch to make 2 circles of either color. Glue them to bottle. Or, cut 2 dime-size circles out of contrasting paper and glue hole-punch circles to them; glue larger circles to bottle.
  • For legs, paint beads and let dry. Glue to “belly” side of bottle.

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