Mission Statement

The mission of Crayons Castle Play School is to provide a nurturing environment, creating opportunities for each child (two to five years) in the local community, to grow intellectually, socially, and physically.

Philosophy Statement

The philosophy of Crayons Castle Play School is to provide a family atmosphere where each child learns that he/she is a unique and precious individual.

  • We believe that every child should be treated with respect and provided with a safe and secure nurturing environment where children are free to explore independently with guidance from the adults.

    The children are divided into age groups according to their age in June.
    Playgroup: Age 11/2 + LKG – Age 3+
    Nursery: Age 2+ UKG – Age 4+

    Curriculum Statement

    1. The children will also receive basic Play school instruction in alphabet and number recognition, reading readiness, math, science, language, fine and gross motor development, art, and socialization skills.
    2. The main focus of learning is through play. Children are able to make their own choices throughout the day that will help them develop independence, self-discipline, and self-esteem